• The print is where technology, art, craftsmanship and experience meet in order to complete the visual experience.

    I personally print all of my own work and take as much care with each and every print as I do with capturing and preparing my images. While I sometimes still embrace the darkroom for black and white silver–gelatin prints, I have moved all color work and most black and white into the “digital darkroom.” Simply because I believe technology and media choices are superior today than previous darkroom printing processes and offer a larger color gamut, improved control and increased permanence. I use only the finest papers and pigment inks available with meticulously calibrated large format printers to produce the optimum visual interpretation of my work.

  • Puzzled by digital color management? We can help!

    Color Management has been a subspecialty of mine dating back to instructional training in ROP Process Color at Eastman Kodak Company in the late 1960’s and implementation of color newspaper printing at the Ledger (Lakeland, Fla.) in 1969. And while the toolsets used for digital technology have changed, theory and application are deeply rooted in traditional color control process.

    I can help you manage the reproduction of pixels – on the monitor and in print – in a predictable and consistent manner to save time, ink and paper costs and achieve stunning, color-matched output through use of custom profiles.